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[Help-librejs] Whitelisted service Slack not functioning

From: Nico Rikken
Subject: [Help-librejs] Whitelisted service Slack not functioning
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 10:58:37 +0100

Dear GNU LibreJS users,

I'm using Slack for work (I know, proprietary-SaaS-alarm) but
whitelisting the general slack domain and specific company-domain
(, thus * and the messaging services
* does result in GNU LibreJS mentioning that the page is
white-listed and that all JS is accepted, but nonetheless all dynamic
message content (offered via sockets) is not displayed.

I've traced it back to GNU LibreJS by disabling other addons and not
getting it to work.

The more static Slack pages like profile and even messaging archives do
work properly.

Am I doing something wrong, or is GNU LibreJS not properly white-listing
the specific domain? In that case this would be a bug worth reporting.

I very much prefer having GNU LibreJS enabled, since I can than opt-in
on non-free software, rather than having to consciously opt-out. But you
would know of course.

Kind regards,

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