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[Help-librejs] JavaScript Trap - jQuery EasyUI library

From: Martin Nicolás Carbone
Subject: [Help-librejs] JavaScript Trap - jQuery EasyUI library
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 14:28:42 -0300


  I'm a software developer and I start using this library for the front-end of my free projects:
    JQuery EasyUi (
  They say that the free edition is under GPLv3 but source code is primarily "Obfuscript"
 ¿Is that a violation of the GPL Licence? ¿I must to abandon its use? ¿Or complaint them?
 ¿Is there a way to require the unobfusctaed source without paying a 'commercial' licence if they publish it as GPL?
 Sorry for my bad english and for the 'gmail' account.


  Martín Nicolás Carbone

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