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[Help-librejs] Cross-browser (and environment) LibreJS via client/server

From: Fabio Pesari
Subject: [Help-librejs] Cross-browser (and environment) LibreJS via client/server architecture
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2015 09:53:11 +0200
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What do you think about implementing LibreJS as a server program and
then having the extensions simply communicate with it?

Essentially, the browser sends the URL to LibreJS and waits for LibreJS
to send a modified version of the page back, then renders that instead.

Configuration would not be that hard - just install it via your distro's
package manager and both the server and the browser extensions will be
installed. During the first run, the extensions can ask for a valid host
and port (which can be changed later), and other options (what to do
when the server does not respond, for example).

In terms of performance, I don't think this would be slower than a
browser addon if the server runs locally: the work load would be moved
to the back-end, which will be faster than the browser in any case.
JavaScript on the JVM would be a good fit for it, I think.

This fits with this ([1]) proposal and of course, making a LibreJS
command line program (which RMS asked) would be trivial.



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