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[Help-librejs] NoScript and LibreJS?

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: [Help-librejs] NoScript and LibreJS?
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2015 10:09:10 +0100

Hi.  Is anyone using NoScript and LibreJS together?  What I would like
is for NoScript to block all JavaScript _unless_ they are classified
as free software javascript's, detected by LibreJS.  Does this make
sense?  Is it possible to get that to work?  Perhaps this is a NoScript
feature wishlist?

I understand that malware javascript writers will eventually add a free
software template to their files to fool this logic, but currently I
think the above would give a reasonable safe but still functional
browsing experience (against sites that use properly labeled free
software javascript).  And having free software malware may be useful
to other malware writers, so they don't have to reinvent the wheel
everytime they want to attack someone. ;-)


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