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[Help-librejs] LibreJS - not working on my FF developer install??

From: Ryan (phone)
Subject: [Help-librejs] LibreJS - not working on my FF developer install??
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2016 19:59:20 +0200

Hi Loic

Ryan White here - I'm working on the LibreJS+indiegogo add-on.

I'm running of LibreJS. But it doesn't look like LibreJS is working, because there's no LibreJS icon visible, and indiegogo suddenly works, even though it's not obviously licensed it's code under gplv3 or something like that.

If I run using jpm, I see this sort of error:
console.error: librejs: 
  Message: SyntaxError: missing ] after element list


... I'm not sure what the story is though.

Is it working fine for you?

How do you get around the latest requirement from mozilla - that addons need to be signed? I would assume that when developing, there would be no need to sign, but I've got FF disabling mine when debugging...

Any feedback on any of this would really be appreciated - I'm basically completely confused at this stage.

have a good day

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