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[Help-librejs] Unclear what I forgot to do to free the JS on this site

From: Koz Ross
Subject: [Help-librejs] Unclear what I forgot to do to free the JS on this site
Date: Sun, 29 May 2016 22:23:50 +1200
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I'm currently working on making the site LibreJS-compliant.
Following the instructions at, I created a label
table, which can be found here: .

However, LibreJS is still pinging on function calls *into* freepost.js, which
was labelled free using that table. Specifically, LibreJS is unhappy about calls
to the 'vote' function described in freepost.js, whose source is at .

I am unsure what I (or the site maintainer)
forgot to do. The source of the site is available under GNU AGPLv3 at .

I would appreciate some help, since I am new to freeing sites, and
mostly-ignorant of Web things, but would like to help free all the
Koz Ross <address@hidden>

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