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Re: [Help-librejs] Avoiding the javascript Trap server-side

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: [Help-librejs] Avoiding the javascript Trap server-side
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2018 00:51:21 +0300
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> I want to host my personal website. Right now, looking for the right
> CMS (I would like to use a CMS and not code the website manually).
> Are you aware of any CMS that works with libreJS?
> By that I mean, the javascript gets evaluated as free software, not
> falling back to a compatibility mode without javascript.

> What I plan to do in regards to javascript:
> I'm going to either eliminate or limit the amount of non-free javascript 
> served.
> If I see a script that has obviously been licensed correctly, but just
> not getting recognized by libreJS, I will refer to the how-tos on
> to make libreJS aware of the actual license.
> Is there anything else I can do to make life easier for libreJS users?

In spite of list topic and your explicit question, that was concerning LibreJS 
users, I, being quite upset by your seek for something that would be ‘not 
falling back’, have to note that, under my strongest impression, the amount of 
LibreJS users in comparison to overall number of users, who cares about their 
freedom, is relatively small.

What most of them still do (despite the great progress in LibreJS I noticed 
from a user point of view) is not relying on some automatic analysers, but 
simply stick with ‘do not run’ as a default policy, possibly making some 
unavoidable exceptions manually.

(All of the above would be especially true if we referred to a ‘[software] 
freedom’ not necessary in a full extent of that word, but possibly as low as to 
freedom for users to decide which software to run on their computers.  That is, 
to the thing that was universal only about fifteen years ago but is always 
totally smashed nowadays.)

So if the website management system, which you’d set your choose on, will not 
fall back to a pure data interface in a sense of falling _to nowhere_ instead 
[], I am afraid that it will be perceived as unusable, with no 
regards to whether programs it relies on are free or not.  Many will just 
remain unaware of that fact.

Falling to a screen that honestly explains that ‘management system’ developers 
were not able to make a simple website, that does not even allow you to post 
anything, without relying on auxiliary program on client []; 
or, all the more, thrusting a visitor to a nag page, that advertises to install 
a nonfree browser, not even bothering to preserve an original location 
[] — such things hardly help either.

So, if providing a standard way, that does not depends on any ad-hoc programs, 
to interact with all features your website, is indeed unfeasible, then, please, 
consider providing it to some extent, at the very least for reading the pages.

If so, a human-readable notice that notifies of that might be also apt in 
addition to machine-readable labels for LibreJS.  Please, do not let it obscure 
part of a page from being read [], though.

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