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Re: [Help-librejs] Avoiding the javascript Trap server-side

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: [Help-librejs] Avoiding the javascript Trap server-side
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2018 19:41:18 +0300
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>> For now, I took a liberty to move it back to address@hidden by
>> resending your message and continuing there.
> Right, thanks for that. I'm not used to using maillists, this is why
> I'm prone to clicking on "reply" instead of "reply all".

Yes, I always wondered, why so many MUAs tend to make ‘reply to sender only’ 
easier to press rather that ‘follow-up’ / ‘reply to all’.   Even not in context 
of a mailing list, the former is needed much rarely than the latter, if not to 
say that is almost never needed.

If your MUA is one of these, rebinding them vice versa might be helpful.

>> Sounds nice. I would definitely like to see it, when it’s published
>> (in the case it’s in English or Russian).
> English, Russian and German. The site is going to have all 3
> languages.

Pardon another unasked advice, but in such case separate feeds for them would 
be highly desirable.  (Even if meta-tags are set correctly.)

> If all goes well, I can finish it in a week or two.
> is the domain, in any case it should be live
> before end of march.

Thanks, I’d set a reminder.

>> Not pushing any programs at all would not contradict anything — that
>> is the point, I was trying to emphasize.
> Yes, not pushing any programs at all would be a solution. It seems
> this might be the solution I'll go with.


>> I was under impression that after CSS3 (and 4) there no much need in
>> client-side javascripts to implement some fun animations.
> I guess I'm still stuck in the past then? If CSS3 and 4 allow some
> logic to be executed on events like onmouseover, I'll look into them
> of course.

Some argue, that CSS is Turing-complete now. (Probably, not true.)  And some go 
even further and believe that it worth be rejected with anger for that reason.  

>> Well, AFAIK, Git should work over WebDAV also. And nothing, of
>> course, can prevent you from treating a website hosted along with
>> its VC repo as a mere bunch of files and use any protocol your
>> hoster allows, even FTP, from any place.
> I'm not hosting it in a VirtualCenter (if that's what you mean by
> VC?) but rather at home, on a Raspberry Pi. No problem with remote
> ftp or even ssh if there is a need for it.

Ah, sorry for using unobvious abbreviations.  By ‘VC repo’ I meant version 
control repository.  I tried to emphasize, that it might be quite useful to 
store full history of page sources on the server along with built website, even 
if you are not going to make it world-readable (many do).

> I'd like to have commenting abilities for random visitors. While
> jekyll really is more of a 'static site generator', there are plugins
> for administration purposes, so that the "content" can be "managed"
> remotely through a webinterface (adding new posts for example). With
> login and all that jazz. There is also a plugin for allowing the
> commenting and discussion of posts, I'd like to include it at least in
> the future, maybe even right from the start. So the line between a
> simple static site generator and a full-blooded CMS begins to blur
> right about there.

Thanks, I was not aware of that.  Jekyll as of is still 
strictly focused on static builds, though, as far as I see.

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