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minified source code under a free license

From: mason
Subject: minified source code under a free license
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2019 10:08:14 -0800
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Surprisingly, I cannot find any information on either of these
pages[1][2] about what LibreJS does if a script is non-trivial and
minified, but has a free license specified in LibreJS's format.

The only reference to minification I see is in the last example of
Appendix C, in which the script is minified and has no license, but has
a link to "to a page that contains a properly formatted table with the
required data on the external JavaScript file", but it is unclear to me
whether "the required data" includes the unminified source code, or just
the license.  The link no longer contains the example (neither do the
other links in Appendix C; I was able to find some via the Wayback
Machine, but not this last example), so I cannot check to see for

Can you please clarify whether LibreJS requires unminified source code
in order to detect non-free scripts as free, or if a free license header
is enough?

I am asking because I recently came across Decentraleyes,[3] a browser
addon which stores and serves locally various JavaScript libraries
commonly served by CDNs.  The intent of serving them locally is better
privacy by avoiding the third-party connections normally needed to
download these files, but it also strikes me as a potential freedom
advantage:  Rather than rely on websites to distribute free Javascript
in a LibreJS-compatible way, a LibreJS-compatible copy of the scripts
can be served locally by Decentraleyes.  Perhaps it would even be
possible for Decentraleyes to bundle free replacements for non-free JS
on popular websites.

However, the files currently bundled with Decentraleyes are obtained
from the CDNs, so they are minified and have no license statement, for
example: [4].  I opened an issue[5] asking if these files could be replaced
with the original source code from the developers with a
LibreJS-compatible license headers.  A user who is considering forking
the project replied asking whether the minified source code would be
sufficient if it had the appropriate license headers, and I was unable
to find an answer from LibreJS's documentation.  Can someone please








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