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Help needed: LibreJS with gost blog

From: Nicola Sella
Subject: Help needed: LibreJS with gost blog
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 16:27:59 +0100

Hello everyone!

I am having troubles setting up LibreJS with Ghost blog and, in particular, with liebling, [1] a theme.

At the present time, the theme features a table to identifiy JS by LibreJS [2] and it was working in the past!

The bad news is: now it is not working and I do not know what should I do to fix it. I am following the official guide to set up the table.

If you know of some issue related to ghost blog or if you want to take a look I would love to receive some help.

Thanks a lot!

Please, let me to introduce myself. I am Nicola, physicist and programmer from Italy. I co-run a blog on free software and I like to play around developing websites and stuff like that. Currently I am involved in developing dnf.



Nicola Sella
inknos on freenode

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