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Re: JS licence recognised but breaks website

From: Rémi Borfigat
Subject: Re: JS licence recognised but breaks website
Date: Sat, 2 May 2020 10:50:18 +0200
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Le 01/05/2020 à 23:35, Dmitry Alexandrov a écrit :
> Rémi Borfigat <address@hidden> wrote:
>> LibreJS detects the right licence indeed. However, it now breaks my script, 
>> preventing the page from working. Opening the Abrowser dev tools, I got 
>> ‘SyntaxError: missing ) after condition’. If I disable LibreJS, everything 
>> works fine.
>> Is this a bug of LibreJS?
> Maybe.
> Hard to say anything else, since (a) I cannot reproduce it: everything works 
> fine for me at Firefox® 68.7.0esr built by Debian and LibreJS 7.20.2; and (b) 
> you did not specify your setup.

Hi Dmitry,

Thank you for your reply. I was able to fix the issue few days ago. I
inserted by mistake an unwanted special character after a = in the code.
For some reasons, it broke LireJS. After removing it, the issue disappeared.

I am using Abrowser 75.0 on Trisquel 8.0 with LibreJS 7.20.2 for the record.

Kind regards,


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