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Re: Librejs temporary permission

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: Librejs temporary permission
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2020 16:03:28 +0300
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Maurizio Bongini <> wrote:
> I become aware that  90% of sites do a javascipts misuse
> thus librejs blocks navigation for almost all sites

Yep.  But please note, that LibreJS is not about javascripts _misuse_, itʼs 
about whether these scripts are _free_.  It would permit any program marked as 
such to run on your machine, no matter what it is used for.

If youʼd like to control installation of ad-hoc programs into your browser with 
no regard whether they are marked as free, there are much more popular and 
robust solutions, bases on so called ‘content security policy’ — a per-domain 
blocker built-in in any modern browser.  Namely: µBlock [1] (or µMatrix [2]) 
and NoScript [3].


> i think useful to temporary permits sites only for the current browser session

All of them have such a feature.

> otherwise i risk to have huge withelist and blacklist

I do not quite realise what is risk here, though.

> does this is posssible ? 

It is possible, of course, but itʼs not implemented yet.

> Or developpers plan to implement ?


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