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Re: How to disable line-wrapping in KMail?

From: fred.k
Subject: Re: How to disable line-wrapping in KMail?
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2020 12:59:49 +0900
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Hi everyone,

On 2020/07/23 2:21, bill-auger wrote:
because people tend to read better with short lines, around 60-80 characters maximum,
Right. I prefer those line lengths, too.

My belief is that mailers (I use thunderbird) do the heavy lifting when it comes to wrapping lines.  Human senders/readers do not have to, and should not have to, break and wrap any lines. If you do, you screwed up your mailer formatting algorithm.

My mail composer breaks lines at about 70-80 bytes, put a trailing space (0x20) before sending to SMTP.  When I place a 'return' at the end of a paragraph, then it'd be sent without trailing space character.  The receiving mailer put all those space-trailed lines into a long one-line paragraph, and then wraps-around to fit into a window at word breaks.

Suggestions are welcome if somebody know where these processes are documented. I was once curious about the 'escape sequences' that a plain text mail can be accentuated by asterisks *bold* , slashes /italic/ , underscores _whatever_ , a line with two hyphens (and space) only to precede 'signature' block, things like that.


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