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Spaces not allowed in human readable string

From: Valerio Bozzolan
Subject: Spaces not allowed in human readable string
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2021 16:02:05 +0100
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Hello LibreJS developers!

I'm reading this page:

And I've seen this phrase:

  Ā«the human readable string does not require a specific formattingĀ»

At the moment this phrase is not correct, since AFAIK the human
readable string does *not* allow spaces.

Try it yourself with this problematic version:

// @license magnet:blabla BSD 3 clause
// @license-end

VS this corrected version:

// @license magnet:blabla BSD-3-clause
... very long code
// @license-end

IMVHO this is a bug, but, if it's by design, please update the
documentation to say that the human readable license should not have
any space.

BTW I think this is a bug since the example itself contains spaces:

   [human readable name of the license]


Valerio B.

E-mail typed using Evolution in Debian GNU/Linux and delivered from my
own Postfix mailserver.

Have fun with software freedom!

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