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Add support to some Creative Commons licenses (e.g. Stack Overflow suppo

From: Valerio Bozzolan
Subject: Add support to some Creative Commons licenses (e.g. Stack Overflow support)
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2022 11:52:21 +0100
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Hello everybody

== Preamble ==

I know that Creative Commons licenses are NOT designed for source code,
but at the moment Stack Overflow has billions of snippets licensed in
that way:

Also, you know that the Creative Commons CC BY-SA license is a Free
Content license, and it's compatible with GNU GPL:

== What should be done ==

Having said that it's perfectly legitimate to have JavaScript snippets
in CC BY-SA, I suggest to add support to these licenses in LibreJS at


In this way, people with good intentions can have a LibreJS-compliant
website, respecting the copyright of the authors of StackOverflow.

This would be great also to respect copyright from snippets of code
copied from Wikipedia.

What do you think about? Can this be done?

Thank you so much for your work!


Valerio Bozz.

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Have fun with software freedom!

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