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Re: Making State of New Hampshire websites LibreJS-compatible

From: Ian Kelling
Subject: Re: Making State of New Hampshire websites LibreJS-compatible
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2022 13:50:14 -0500
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Yuchen Pei <> writes:

> On Wed, Jan 12 2022, Eric Gallager wrote:
>> Hi, I am a state-level legislator in New Hampshire and have a bill
>> (HB1273, which I call the "SOFTWARE Act") that, among other things,
>> would require LibreJS compatibility with state websites. It might not
>> say "LibreJS" specifically in the bill, but that's the basic goal of
>> the section on proprietary javascript. The bill has been mentioned on
>> libreplanet-discuss recently:
>> (I'm not subscribed to that list, though, so that's why I'm not
>> replying there)
>> I am wondering what sort of assistance that LibreJS developers and
>> users could provide to our state Department of Information Technology
>> to help this happen? Note that there is some Nitter discussion of the
>> LibreJS provision here:
> Thanks for the bill.  I like the idea of ensuring government services to
> be usable without nonfree JS.  It seems to me the biggest challenge from
> LibreJS is to get more adoption and compliance.  There has been a design
> proposal to get LibreJS better at recognising free javascript.  I'll
> need to read it again and work on it or share the ideas at this list or
> bug-librejs.
>> Thanks,
>> Eric Gallager
> Best,
> Yuchen

Along with what Yuchen said, I think the FSF and LibreJS volunteers
would be interested in helping with any specific problems that come up,
within our resources.

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