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More options for LibreJS?

From: Nonie Nonet
Subject: More options for LibreJS?
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 19:59:22 +0200

Dear DevTeam,

could you implement some options for a better usage of this Firefox AddOn??

1. An Options for AllowOneTime or AllowTemporery
2. An Detection of Cloudflare Scripts, or whitelistening scripts by some parts 
of the content in it... with an lax or soft acceptment/detection by regexp or 
so. So that I could whitelist scripts with just a code part to select to detect 
the script that I want to allow/dissallow. [It would be very usefull, when I go 
to a new site that I haven't seen before, that I don't need to to the same step 
again and again for every site with cloudflare or somethink like that]

As example: view-source:

            cNounce: .*
            cRay: .*
            cHash: .*
            cFPWv: .*
            cTTimeMs: .*
            cTplV: .*

3. Could you Add a Copy buttom for the JS Script Baseurl with the subdomain 
address and a buttom to Copy the JS Script Baseurl with an asterix for the 
subdomain? So that I insert it faster to the black/whitelist settings manager??
4. Could you insert to the setting manager a bottum to sort the entrys by 
inserting date [sort it ascent and descent - reversed sortion I mean]

That would make the workflow much better!!

Hope you could understand my wishes....

best regards,

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