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Creating ASN.1 definitions structures from memory-buffered ASN.1 descrip

From: Yuriy V. Snegirev
Subject: Creating ASN.1 definitions structures from memory-buffered ASN.1 description
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 12:41:18 +0000

First we would like to thank all developers, contributors and maintainers of 
libtasn1 for providing a wonderful library, which, in turn, provides 
possibilities to deal with DER-encoded data and ASN.1 descriptions in runtime, 
without need to recompile the entire applications when some definitions change.
However, we discovered, that some capabilities were absent from the library, 
one of which being the ability to process memory-cached ASN.1 descriptions. So, 
in order to accomplish this, we modified libtasn a bit. The patch is attached.
Also, we got used to call asn1_get_length_der on a part of DER-encoded piece of 
data in order to acquire the size of entire piece. But, starting from commit  
3873c6a49122e3f15901646e072938557acd3f8e (" Added overflow detection that does 
not depend on specific compiler, and asn1_get_der_length() verifies the length 
of the input data in small numbers as well.") this is no longer possible. So, 
the question is as follows: is there a way to achieve the same result now?

Sincerely your,
Yuri V. Snegirev
Compass Plus Ltd.

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