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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Release 0.0.6beta

From: Kasper Hviid
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Release 0.0.6beta
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 18:41:45 +0100

2009/1/13 Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>:
> Out of curiosity, what would be the ouput of "liquidwar6 --bench"?

It gave me an 11, whatever that means.

>> Thanks for the fix. I mostly just design my map.png to survive a
>> downsize to 508x356.
> 508x356 is very high, even with a recent computer you might have trouble
> running this with default settings. The defaults in the current version is
> to display 800x600, and then to downscale by a 4 factor (--fighter-scale
> option). This means running the game out of the box, you get 200x150 maps
> which are workable on pretty much any recent computer. Someone using a
> 1600x1200 resolution will end up with a 400x300 map, with 2048x1536 ->
> 512x384.

Thanks, I wasn't totally clear on on how the resolution and fighter
scale played together. I never noticed before now that the game runs
at 800x600.

> It's OK to have 508x356 maps, but there should be a good reason
> to have such a resolution, and be aware that layered maps with such a
> resolution can really be slow.
> Maybe in the long run the game will be optimized so that big maps are
> faster, but also keep in mind that in a network game, you can never guess
> the power of the other computer, and it's IMHO wise to assume your peers
> do not necessarly have brand new shiny hardware with bells and whistles.

I just took a look at that 100x150 pixel resolution. It shouldn't be
any problem to design maps for this resolution, and still be able to
create somewhat narrow tunnels.

I been playing a bit with rules.xml. Attack/healing seems to happen
very fast with those values:

  <int key="fighter-attack" value="10000"/>
  <int key="fighter-defense" value="1000"/>
  <int key="fighter-new-health" value="10000"/>

But everything is slow here:

  <int key="fighter-attack" value="10"/>
  <int key="fighter-defense" value="1"/>
  <int key="fighter-new-health" value="10"/>

Compared to each other, the 3 values have the same proportions. So I
don't understand it. But as long as it works :-)

- Kasper

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