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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] About rules.xml

From: Kasper Hviid
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] About rules.xml
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 01:32:09 +0100

2009/1/20 Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>:
> (...) I think the navigationnal problems should be solved
> without using such "brute force" solution as using hudge backgrounds.
> I think there must be an intermediate solution, by combining breadcrumbs
> and a *light* set of icons, ideally vectorial stuff, the situation can be
> greatly improved.

I have been thinking a bit about backgrounds, icons, vector graphic,
etc. But I suddenly realized that my attension had shifted from
"navigational problems" to "making the menu layout look pretty", which
is something else entirely.

I agree that the menu should stay light, and I like the variable
colors ... within this limits, I think it could improve somehow. BUT,
the buttomline is that the menu works.

How about I do some brainstorming for a few months. If I come up with
something,  the menu might get some attention, after the high-priority

>> It would also be possible to let all the navigation be based on the
>> breadcrumbs, like this:
> Nice. Will give it a try. But not a top-level priority I guess :/

Glad you like it. After submitting this idea, I got a tiny bit of
paranoia. I got notion that a large quantity of ideas, which a single
sparetime programmer could never put into code by himself, might
perhaps feel more like a burden than a inspiration.

Hopefully it's just me being silly. Nevertheless, I hope you are able
to take my ideas seriously, without taking them too seriously. (or is
it "taking them serious"?)


Is the old inside-the-game curser from LW5 totally abandoned? I ask
because I kind of miss it, for two reasons:

One of the great features in LW is the possibility to play two players
at the same PC. I think the social aspects of keyboard-sharing is
something a network game cannot match. But this kind of "local
multiplayer" will not really be an option if one or both of the
players has to move a mouse curser with the keyboard.

Also, I don't get the same feeling of "being inside the game", when I
move a mouse curser with no relation to the gamefield. Some kind of
psykological thing. I just miss not being able to move through walls.


I have seen two tricks which might become useful if previewing the
maps should be faster. (Of course, its not first priority at all.)

The first one is the image viewer in Adobe Bridge. Here, an extremely
low-res preview of the image is shown in the short moment before the
full-res preview is loaded. It's still fullscreen, but with lower
resolution. I don't know how they do this. Maybe they only load some
part of the image data.

The 2nd one is the build-in image viewer in Windows XP, which not only
load the current image into memory, but also the next image in the
row. So when the user moves on to the next image, its already loaded
into memory. (Of course, in the Choose Map submenu, the user won't
necessarily view the map in the exact order in which they are

 - Kasper

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