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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Re: Liquid War 6

From: Kasper Hviid
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Re: Liquid War 6
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 21:01:22 +0200

Hello Tim,
Welcome to the project! :-)

If you need to use some bitmap instead of vector, take a look at:


and see how they are colored inside the game. I think graphic for the
HUD could be designed the same way.

2009/7/15 Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>:
> 3) leave a rectangular place to display the map (seems obvious, but...).
> This place can have pretty much any shape, the map will adapt itself, but
> keep in mind there's a bunch of 4x3 maps over here, it's quite a de-facto
> standard, so something near this is just very convenient.

Yes, a lot of the maps uses the 4:3 aspect ratio ... but the monitors
aspect ratio is either a 4:3 or widescreen. Of course, we could assume
that the most average situation is a 4:3 map on a widescreen monitor,
and the HUD could be designed with this in mind. Sorry if I make
things more confusing.

Something entirely different: personly I won't have much time to chat
or look at the network status while playing a fast game like LW, but I
would really like it at the score screen. Maybe we should keep the HUD
at the score screen, so that it still have those features?

2009/7/15 Timothy Anderson <address@hidden>:
> I'll also look into the "score chart". I personally liked LW5's version
> of it, but I'll think about it, and try to "class it up" a little more.

I like the LW5 score screen too. I'm curious at what you will come up with!

Hey, if you need some hand-drawn graphic for the score screen but
won't bother with it yourself, I could create it. ( my LW6 levels
shows my drawing style)

- Kasper

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