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[Help-liquidwar6] Android port

From: Kjetil Mehl
Subject: [Help-liquidwar6] Android port
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 12:37:16 +0200


I am wondering if anyone are doing a android port of Liquid Wars? I
think that LW would be a fun game to play on mobiles, either versus
computer, local MP or over the net. If no one already have started
such a project I would be interested in taking the initiative (or
else, participate). My main concerns on the other side is my little
experience with C and my little to none experience with porting
projects. Any suggestions of what parts of the code to start with?

Yeah, this mail might be pretty ambitious, but I am really looking for
a new spare time project, and the experiences that might come with
such a project.

- Kjetil

Kjetil Mehl

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