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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Liquid War 0.0.11beta released

From: Kasper Hviid
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Liquid War 0.0.11beta released
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 13:15:28 +0100

2011/10/29 Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>:
> Wow that's a hell of a lot of way to download it! For your information,
> the main reason I usually have problems with those is that sometimes
> when I'm online I'm behind a firewall that forbids pretty much anything
> that looks like a file sharing facility. All of the above are forbidden
> for that matter. But I regularly have access to a full connection, and
> then can download easily. Ideally I should set up a wiki for us with an
> attach-file capability. How does that sound to you? Anyway, 2 or 3 of
> the hosts above would be well enough. Thanks for your efforts.

Heh! I didn't upload each one manually, I cheated and used!

Yeah, a wiki would be really nice, not just for the upload option! But
it might not be compatible with:
99: The Lens of the Raven -- Is making this worth my time?

BTW, I got the book 'Art of Game Design' from the library. However,
they needed me to deliver it back 'as soon as possible'. But I have
found an Android app with all 100 cards from Art of Game Design! It
let you pick a random card, sort by subject, and will let you see the
card illustration in fullscreen.

>> I will suggest adjusting two values in config.xml
>> <int key="team-profile-yellow-aggressive" value="275"/>
>> <int key="team-profile-cyan-vulnerable" value="30"/>
>> (btw, are you able to change it so 'fast' only affects hov fast the
>> pixels move? To me that sounds like an awful amount of math)
> OK, I'll raise that to a higher priority level, seems important that you
> feel comfortable with this. I don't think it's *that* complicated. I'll
> give it a try soon.

Thanks! (It's not *that* high priority, but I don't want to fine tune
too much if the system changes anyway)

> 3) try and compile it from the source. Basically it amounts to this ->
> download the tarball then, for instance, if the downloaded file is in
> "Downloads":
> cd Downloads
> tar xzf liquidwar6-20111029snapshot.tar.gz
> cd liquidwar6-20111029snapshot
> ./configure

When I tried ./configure, it told me this:

Configure: error: *** Liquid War 6 needs GNU MP (

Could this be the problem?


I have discovered a Liquid War clone for android devices: Battle of Pixels.

Here's some screenshots:

I tried playing the demo, but it's not all that impressive, especially
considering that they charge money for the full beta version. But it's
still interesting!

The full (beta) version should have network play. Yeah, big deal, so
do we. Almost.

The wall area are placed on top of the pixel fighters. This looks
good, it no longer looks like the pixels overlap:

They use red flashes for pixels that are converted. There are no red
team, of course. It looks okay, actually. It made me think that Liquid
War could have some sort of visual effect to show that a figher has
been converted. Maybe a converted fighter was flashing the color of
its new team at full brightness, or quickly flashes all 10 colors, or
white. (I don't know how this would look.)


What if we somewere in the future ported LW6 to Android?

I have added a LW6 screenshot to my HTC Wildfire S, to see how it would look:


The finger controlling the cursor would be obscuring the view. I think
we would need to make the cursors be positioned at a distance from the
finger, or let it be controlled with two fingers - one controls the x
axis, the other the y axis of the cursor. Using the accelerometer
could also be an option.

I watched the LW6 gamecast on youtube using my Android phone. It
looked cool too.

Visually, I think it looks really great. But would a phone have enough
power to run the game?

 - Kasper

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