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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Liquid War 0.0.11beta released

From: Kasper Hviid
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Liquid War 0.0.11beta released
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 17:17:39 +0100

2011/10/30 Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>:
>> When I tried ./configure, it told me this:
>> Configure: error: *** Liquid War 6 needs GNU MP (
>> Could this be the problem?
> No, not exactly, the problem is I forgot to mention you one thing, see 2.3.3
> in
> and look at the lines that start with "apt-get". Ubuntu is DEB based, you need
> to type that crazy line (as root) it should install all the requirements.
> Alternatively, you can use the graphical interface of your choice and install
> all those devel dependencies (from "make" to "debhelper"). The good news is
> you do this only once, when it's done LW6 compiles fine. The current release
> probably has 90% of the dependencies LW6 will ever need (it's already a hell
> of a lot!) so you're very likely to run this once and never again.

... and now it works! :-)

>> The finger controlling the cursor would be obscuring the view. I think
>> we would need to make the cursors be positioned at a distance from the
>> finger, or let it be controlled with two fingers - one controls the x
>> axis, the other the y axis of the cursor. Using the accelerometer
>> could also be an option.
> I tend to disagree. You do not need to keep your finger always on the screen.
> You could just press here and there from time to time.

Perhaps! I have to think this over. I mostly steer my fighters my
moving my cursor slowly, and it might also be a problem to encircle an
enemy at an area smaller than your finger.

>> Visually, I think it looks really great. But would a phone have enough
>> power to run the game?
> OK, since I know Androïd does have GLES support, I know even the current
> renderer - or its equivalent converted from standard OpenGL to GLES - would be
> fast enough. The core algorithm? Well, the first time I ran LW, it was with
> LW3, back in 1993, on a 386 SX-16. I mean, come, I managed to have an
> "equivalent" game run on a 16 MHz computer that was almost faking its 32-bit
> nature. You can trust me if I manage to overcome the various obstacle for an
> androïd port (first obstacle: time available, second obstacle: nightmare of
> dependencies to port/fix for Androïd, third obstacle: conversion from OpenGL
> to GLES) then the speed will be a joke. Really. Seriously, Rage (latest FPS by
> Id Software) runs on an iPhone. I should find a way to animate some pixels ;)
> Keep in mind most Androïd games use Java, the port I imagine would use the NDK
> (native development kit). While this probably raises some issues as far as
> compatibility on different hardware is concerned, it helps a lot concerning
> performance, especially when dealing with core algorithms like the one in LW6.
> FYI I bought the complete OpenGL books series, just for my personal culture
> (for some reason it's easier for me to learn reading printed books and online
> docs never reached the level of efficiency of a good old book) and pre-ordered
> some upcoming Androïd NDK book. So things are getting serious on that front,
> I'm getting ready for the battle ;)


> Still, there's an important question now, I ask it to you of course, but
> ANYONE on this list could answer: which do you think is more important?
> Androïd port or network support?
> On one hand network support is just really needed, it would allow us to play,
> chat online, have fun with something else than stupid idiot bots. It would be
> a great community maker I think. On the other hand, an Androïd port coming in
> 2 years is just like no port at all (exagerating a bit, but well, the fact
> "Battle of pixels" is here proves we somehow should build our positions).

I don't know!

Android could really need some (truly) free and ambitious games. A lot
of the 'free' software for Android are stuff like buttons which makes
farting sounds when you click it, with banner ads all over to support
the development. The LW gameplay would fit perfectly with touch input.
So would its graphic style and GUI. If LW6 got ported to Android, it
could potentially have a lot of players ready once multiplayer comes

But AFAIK, it's a big issue that there's so many different android
devices that the software has to fit into.

And multiplayer is *really* important ... If I didn't have a
Android-phone, I would most likely vote for multiplayer, something you
already has invested some time in.

 - Kasper

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