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Re: question on gmake

From: Mr. Aldo D. Longhi
Subject: Re: question on gmake
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 15:13:26 -0500 (EST)

John Jamulla wrote:
> Father on down...
> ifeq ($RISS_BUILD_LEVEL), baseline)
> $(baseline_vps)
> endif
> I get an error
> *** missing separator.  stop.
> Happens on the line inside of ifeq above. The $(baseline_vps)

If you did an actual cut-and-paste from your makefile
(so there's no possibilitiy of a typo here in your email)
then I'd say I know the problem and the solution:

The line "ifeq ($RISS_BUILD_LEVEL), baseline)" has an unmatched
')' character.  It should be:

    ifeq ($(RISS_BUILD_LEVEL), baseline)

If this solves your problem, then great.  Otherwise (if
it really was a typo in your email and not in the makefile),
then I don't know.

Good luck.

- Aldo

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