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recursive gmake examples

From: Asperheim, Eric
Subject: recursive gmake examples
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 09:46:44 -0800


I was wondering if there is a "standard" or "best known method" for using
recursive gmake calls? The GNU Manual talks about the capabilities of gmake
in this regard (section 5.6). However, there doesn't appear to be any
examples in the document.

More specifically, I work in an environment (Intel making large computer
chips) where we have N unit owners. Each unit owner works in their own
subdirectory and develops their own <UNIT>.Makefile. The entire chip
(fullchip) owner wants to recreate the units in another, "official", area
and then use these lower level unit targets to build the fullchip. Each unit
and fullchip build resides in it's own subdirectory:


Any feedback/examples would be appreciated. Plus, I hope the gmake doc in
the future includes some simple examples to assist the reader in
understanding recursive gmakes.



Eric Asperheim  -  GCD Design
phone: (916) 356-4624 
Intel Corporation, FM6-81
fax: (916) 356-3051 
1900 Prairie City Rd, Folsom, CA 95630

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