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From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: RE:LDLIBRARY on AIX 4.3.3
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 11:04:46 -0400

%% Marc Martinez <address@hidden> writes:

  mm> With the AIX 4.3.3. Make its run.
  mm> Which profile use Make in Bourne shell if my user use the Korn shell ?

Unless you reset SHELL in your makefile, make will always invoke
/bin/sh.  It is invoked as a non-interactive, non-login shell.

I don't know anything about AIX per se, but in general in the above
situation no shell init scripts at all are read in (no /etc/profile, no
~/.profile, no ~/.kshrc).

If /bin/sh is actually /bin/ksh, and it doesn't start in any special
mode by virtue of the fact that it's named /bin/sh, and you have the ENV
environment variable set, then whatever file that variable is set to
will be sourced when the shell is invoked.

See the man page for your sh program.

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