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Re: Can't install "make"

From: mdimitrio
Subject: Re: Can't install "make"
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2001 23:24:13 -0300
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Paul D. Smith wrote:

You need a starting point...

That's why Linux distributions ship packages that are pre-built binary
programs.  You should find the "gcc" binary (RPM) package for your Linux
distribution, and install that.  Don't install the source package
(SRPM).  The RPM will give you an already-built version of GCC.

Thank you! It seems that I found my way, I could install make, but I need gcc too, and that's being hard, because winlinux is a stripped down distro, and it seems I'll have to download the entire ftp:/redhat/RPMS dir :-)

Thanks for your kindness to answer me,

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