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From: Krzysztof Horecki
Subject: Dependencies
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 09:29:01 +0200

Hi All

I use make to compile .c files "directly" into library:

OBJS = $(blabla ($SRCS))
($LIB): $(LIB)($OBJS)

but I run into problems with dependencies of .c files. Ie. I define them

asource1.o: asource1.c aheader1.h

and the problem is that it compiles an asource1.o and leaves it in the
directory. That's exactly what I don't want. On the other hand:

asource.c: aheader1.h

does not work out. 

Any ideas?

Besides, why all auto-dependencies generators produce deps in flavor of
the first option (xxx.o: xxx.c xxx.h) ???


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