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Re: Help-make digest, Vol 1 #169 - 3 msgs

From: Subhash Verma
Subject: Re: Help-make digest, Vol 1 #169 - 3 msgs
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 11:39:43 +0530

Hi Friends!!

I am a beginner for this field (GNU Tools) and I am working a project in
which I have to port various GNU Tools for my target processor "xpp-elf".

I will appreciate any kind of help or guidance regarding this matter.

I want help on these matters..

1. What is the latest version available of GNU Make Tool.

2. I have to build GNU make tool for the target "xpp-elf" under cygwin.
What changes are required in, ,acconfig.h or
any other file                         for this.
    host: i686-pc-cygwin
    target: xpp-elf

3. What will be command line for ./configure to build this GNU make Tool?
   means is it will be "CC=xpp-elf-gcc ./configure --target=xpp-elf" or
   ./configure --target=xpp-elf or
  simply ./configure.

4. How the test can be performed to check whether the built tool is ok for
my                target(xpp-elf).With the source code of GNU make there is
a directory named as tests, under which various subdirectories as targets,
features,functions  etc are also there.How there files are used to test the
built tool.

5. will I be needed the cross compiler say xpp-elf-gcc ever in this
process(building the    GNU mkae Tool)?

Thanks in advace.

Subhash Verma

Hi all!

I would like to add some more matter in conjunction with my previous mail this(host=i686-pc-cygwin and target=xpp-elf)the case of cross-compilation? means does it require cross-compiler like xpp-elf-gcc(not implemented yet) to build the tool( GNU make) for specified target.

Actually I gone through a article on "configure" at ""; and found that that this article is suggesting that

For Ref. ..............................................................
"When building cross compilation tools, there are two different systems involved: the system on which the tools will run, and the system for which the tools generate code.
The system on which the tools will run is called the host system.
The system for which the tools generate code is called the target system.
For example, suppose you have a compiler which runs on a GNU/Linux system and generates ELF programs for a MIPS embedded system. In this case the GNU/Linux system is the host, and the MIPS ELF system is the target. Such a compiler could be called a GNU/Linux cross MIPS ELF compiler, or, equivalently, a `i386-linux-gnu' cross `mips-elf' compiler.

Naturally, most programs are not cross compilation tools. For those programs, it does not make sense to speak of a target. It only makes sense to speak of a target for tools like `gcc' or the `binutils' which actually produce running code. For example, it does not make sense to speak of the target of a tool like `bison' or `make'. "
3. would anybody pl. explain what is "cross compilation tools".
if GNU make is not a cross compilation tools, does it means that it does not require any cross-compiler to build it for any target?

so I am confused whether I must have xpp-elf-gcc to build GNU make tool to compile its source code or simply available gcc will work.

I appreciate any help.
Thanx in advance.


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