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Escaping shell-context variables from make

From: Nestor Amaya
Subject: Escaping shell-context variables from make
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 16:37:26 -0500

Dear gnu-make helpers,

I find few things are quite as aggravating as a shell-scripting difficulty,
and so your help is much appreciated. Here's what I've been banging my head
against the wall with (today):

How do I execute the following /bin/sh command form withing make? I need to
avoid calling a script from outside of make:
        while  ( some_command ; [ $? -eq 255 ] );
          do sleep 10;

This loop simply checks the exist status of "some_command", and it keeps
trying so long as the status is 255. The problem is that "$?" is expanded by
make prior to being passed to the shell... I need to somehow pass an
unexpanded "$?" to the shell. I have tried "\", using a ${DOLLARSIGN},
etc... to no avail.

Than you,
Nestor A. Amaya                     Catena Networks
I.C. Development                    307 Legget Drive
                                    Kanata, ON
voice 1: (613) 599-6430 x8255       K2K 3C8
voice 2: (613) 599-4166
    fax: (613) 599-0445

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