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Re: how to serialize rule evaluation

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: how to serialize rule evaluation
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 23:59:28 -0500

%% Kevin Nomura <address@hidden> writes:

  kn> Can I somehow specify precedence only, meaning to wait on
  kn> evaluating $(objs) until .genheaders is up-to-date?

Not without recursion.  Sorry.

  kn> But it is too slow, because the Makefile is enormous and it gets
  kn> reparsed.  Is there some way to avoid that?

Well, you can break the makefile into two parts so that only the
necessary parts are included in when you invoke the right make.

If you don't want to physically break it up you can logically break it
up by using ifeq, etc. to only parse the proper part of the file.  For
example you can check the value of $(MAKECMDGOALS) to decide which
section of the makefile should be visible to the current invocation of

That's about the only suggestion I have.

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