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About the MAKE program (and 2)

From: Antonio C. S.
Subject: About the MAKE program (and 2)
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 22:41:59 +0100

Hello, this is my second e-mail talking about my problems with make (I am spanish). I getted a file binary of MAKE (a ".exe" file) in the web page of djgpp ( and I tried to execute the configure.bat of MAKE-3.79.1 and it respond: "Configuring MAKE for DJGPP. Done" and I think that it was really done, then I go to the directory make-3.79.1 and type make or make install but it says " No rule to make target 'make.text,info', needed by ''.Stop", and I don't know that it signify, and the MAKE program no run even. My computer has got the emacs editor and the djgpp installed (in a old version, no actual version), and I no know if it affects the normal function of MAKE. Is essential the presence of djgpp for the functioning ok MAKE? Must I do any update of librarys in djgpp? What supplementary programs I must put in my computer for run MAKE well? Because the binary file of the web page can't build a source code of a program of astronomy based in GNU software (Xephem)? I have make changes in my autoexec.bat, but it no solve nothing.
Because the MAKE program no go? I don't know how to resolve it.
The following lines are of my autoexec.bat (for if it is of use):
SET BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 H7 P330 T6
rem - By Windows Setup - C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\mscdex.exe /d:oemcd001
mode con codepage prepare=((850) C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\ega.cpi)
mode con codepage select=850
keyb sp,,C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\keyboard.sys
set HOME=c:\emacs-19.34
set DJGPP=c:\DJGPP\djgpp.env
set PATH=c:\DJGPP\BIN;%path%
set PATH=c:\make\bin;%path%
The last line is the change done for me for can use make in every the directories of C (this MAKE program is the downloaded in
Can you help me?
Greetings from Spain.

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