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duplicated targets

From: Maciej Walezak
Subject: duplicated targets
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 12:24:48 +0100

Hello there,

I have the following rules:

clean1: LIB = dir1/libymy.a
clean1: MEM = obj.o
clean1: remove-from-lib

clean2: LIB = dir2/libymy.a
clean2: MEM = obj.o
clean2: remove-from-lib

        ar -d $(LIB) $(MEM)

clean: clean1 clean2

I want to have one rule that removes object files from a library. The library 
and file is defined in variables.
When I invoke 'make clean' cleanning is executed only once. I suppose it is 
because 'remove-from-lib' occures two times eventually and 'make' ignores the 
second occurence.

How can I force 'make' to do all the mentioned targets or how can I achieve 
what I want in another way?

Maciej Walezak

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