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From: David Elkin
Subject: includes
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 13:00:42 -0500


     Perhaps you will have a thought about a problem I am having using gmake on 
a Sun machine.  The
  compilation of fortran files fails to pick up include files containing COMMON 
blocks.  Oddly enough,
  it works fine on a different machine.    Any comment would be appreciated.  
--David Elkin


> gmake -f make_8.1
g77 -o /users/elkin/sort/src/atmos/ATM76.o /users/elkin/sort/src/atmos/ATM76.f
/users/elkin/sort/src/atmos/ATM76.f: In subroutine `atm76':
         INCLUDE "NCMAIN.par"
Unable to open INCLUDE file `NCMAIN.par' at (^)


  The code in the makefile looks fine to me:

#  Sort makefile to create the Version 8.1 Release
# ----------------------------------------------------------------
# Define the path to the src directory of this version
SRC_BASE = /users/elkin/sort/src/
SRC_DIR  = /users/elkin/sort/tools/

FFLAGS = -Iinclude -I$(SRC_BASE)include/ \
# \       -fdollar-ok -finit-local-zero -fno-automatic -O
CFLAGS = -Iinclude -I$(SRC_BASE)include/  \

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