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Re: make dependency question

From: Brendan J Simon
Subject: Re: make dependency question
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 09:47:15 +1000
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Hi Gert-Jan,

Thanks for the reply. I have a feeling this will not work, at least for my scenario. I have a top level makefile which includes the sub-makefiles which includes submakefiles ..... (and so on). Effectively there is only ONE makefile after all the sub-makefiles have been 'included'. I don't think that a VPATH setting can be used to find the right sub-makefile.

eg. I need:
build/foo/fred.o : src/foo/fred.c src/foo/
build/bar/bloggs.o : src/bar/bloggs.c src/bar/

Using VPATH as you suggest would mean that the one file would always be found before the other, therefore most targets would have a dependency on the wrong file. Maybe I'm missing something ?

I have found another method to solve the problem but it is not generic enough. It means editiing each file and explicitly listing it as dependency to the object files. I thought I found a more generic solution using a combination of the foreach() and patsubst() functions, but unfortunately the foreach() function returns a single string so I ended up with something like: build/foo/fred.o : src/foo/fred.c src/foo/ build/bar/bloggs.o : src/bar/bloggs.c src/bar/ ...
which completely confused make.

Thanks again,
Brendan Simon.

Gert-Jan Paulissen wrote:


build/%.o : src/%.c
     $(CC) -o $@ $(CFLAGS) $<

and set VPATH to the directories. Have a look at the manual for more 

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