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Documentation of LDLIBS and LOADLIBES

From: Jorma Laaksonen
Subject: Documentation of LDLIBS and LOADLIBES
Date: 30 Sep 2002 11:25:09 +0300
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Could someone please explain me the roles of the variables LDLIBS and
LOADLIBES ?  It seems to me that by default they are always
concatenated when used.  Also, the system-specific makes I have access
to only use LOADLIBES and not LDLIBS.  A short explanation of the
roles of these two would be appreciated also in the texinfo


Jorma Laaksonen

Jorma Laaksonen                                 email: address@hidden
Dr. of Science in Technology, Docent  
Laboratory of Computer and Information Science  tel. +358-9-4513269
Helsinki University of Technology               fax. +358-9-4513277
P.O.Box 5400, Fin-02015 HUT, Finland            mob. +358-50-3058719

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