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Re: Documentation of LDLIBS and LOADLIBES

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: Documentation of LDLIBS and LOADLIBES
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 09:29:19 -0400

%% Jorma Laaksonen <address@hidden> writes:

  jl> Could someone please explain me the roles of the variables LDLIBS
  jl> and LOADLIBES ?  It seems to me that by default they are always
  jl> concatenated when used.  Also, the system-specific makes I have
  jl> access to only use LOADLIBES and not LDLIBS.  A short explanation
  jl> of the roles of these two would be appreciated also in the texinfo
  jl> documentation!

They're just two common variables used by different make systems to
contain linker libraries.  They're both included in every link command,
mostly as a nod to portability, in the built in rule set that make uses,
so you'd see:

  %: %.o
          $(LINK.o) $^ $(LOADLIBES) $(LDLIBS) -o $@

etc. (LINK.o contains "$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) $(TARGET_ARCH)").

They have no default value, and no intrinsic use: use the one you like,
or use both and choose your own definition of what they should be.

You can use:

  $ make -pf/dev/null

to see the default rule set.

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