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Re: make -f $dir/Makefile clean

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: make -f $dir/Makefile clean
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 09:16:27 -0500

%% address@hidden (Allan Wind) writes:

  aw> clean:
  aw>   find . -name \*.o | xargs rm -f

  aw> which works fine when I do `make clean`, but `make -f
  aw> $dir/Makefile` work "better" than expected.  Is there a good way
  aw> to find out what directory the current make file is executing in
  aw> (${CURDIR} does not work of course and ${MAKEFILES} is empty in
  aw> 3.79.1).

MAKEFILES will always be empty in all versions, unless you set it.
That's a user-defined variable.

  aw> I noticed in the archives that there is no way of getting the
  aw> value of -f, but perhaps there is a way of solving this problem in
  aw> a correct and elegant way?

Not really; not in versions before 3.80.

 1) Don't use constructs like the find above; instead use something

        rm -f $(OBJECTS)

 2) Set a variable in the Makefile which has the path of the directory:

        THIS = some/dir
                find $(THIS) -name \*.o | xargs rm -f

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