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Why does make try to build Makefile.o?

From: gk
Subject: Why does make try to build Makefile.o?
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 18:22:58 -0800

I don't understand why make is trying to rebuild my Makefile.o, in the example below. It seems like my pattern rules must have screwed up the implicit rules or something.
If I use 'make -r foo.c' I don't have a problem.

I am trying to understand how implicit rules work so that I can:
1. write my own rules which should take precedence over built-in rules and not break things 2. avoid disabling all built-in implicit rules which may be useful if I have not pre-emted them in my makefile

address@hidden junk]$ make  foo.c
rule: %.c target: Makefile.c
cc    -c -o Makefile.o Makefile.c
cc: Makefile.c: No such file or directory
cc: No input files
make: *** [Makefile.o] Error 1

# Makefile
.PHONY: force

foo: force
        @echo $@

/%.c: force
        @echo 'rule: /%.c' "target: $@"

%.c: force
        @echo 'rule: %.c' "target: $@"
# eof

- Greg Keraunen

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