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pattern matching

From: Christopher G.Morlier
Subject: pattern matching
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 11:18:59 -0600


I am trying to compile a source file from another directory into an object file in the current directory. I have used gcc to create the dependencies file, and have a dependency of the form:

file.o: /dir/subdir/file.c /dir/include/header.h

After some debugging, the implicit rule seems to be executing however the compiler complains that it cannot find file.c. So I overrode the implicit rule with my own pattern rule:

        echo $<
        echo $*

It appears from the output that the directory information is not being included on .c file. Why is this? Any work arounds?

This is the first time I am attempting to make into a different directory, so any pointers or examples would be appreciated.

BTW, I am using Make version 3.79.1 under Cygwin. Unfortunately, the compiler for my target (TI C6x DSP) only runs under windows.

Thanks for your help,

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