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Re: $(eval): >193 chars on a line yields ' virtual memory exhausted'

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: $(eval): >193 chars on a line yields ' virtual memory exhausted'
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 23:27:33 -0500

%% gk <address@hidden> writes:

  g> I applied the patch and the problem I reported was fixed but I am
  g> still having odd behavior.

You'll have to make a formal report, then.

  g> On the bug report, you added:
  >> I produced a fix based on that; I liked Toomas's fix but ended up 
  g> keeping mine because there were subtle places Toomas's could fail.

  g> I'm assuming the patch currently on the bug report page is the one
  g> from Toomas and it doesn't fix the problem completely.

No, that's not correct.  I wouldn't leave an incomplete patch attached
to the bug report.  The one I attached solves the problem that the bug
report indicated.

If you're still seeing odd behavior then you must have hit a different

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