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a small problem...

From: Tehn Yit Chin
Subject: a small problem...
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 13:20:58 +1100

Hi All,

I am just starting to get the hang of makefiles until I came across this
small problem. Below is a small makefile to show the problem.

.PHONY: debug all

OBJECTS     := fred.txt
CDE         := debug.txt

debug : OBJECTS = $(OBJECTS) $(CDE)
debug : all

all : $(OBJECTS)
        @echo $(OBJECTS) "executing target=all"

fred.txt :
        @echo $(OBJECTS) "executing target=fred.txt"

debug.txt :
        @echo $(OBJECTS) "executing target=debug.txt"

If I execute "make all", I get

fred.txt executing target=fred.txt
fred.txt executing target=all

If I execute "make debug", I get

fred.txt debug.txt executing target=fred.txt
fred.txt debug.txt executing target=all

My question is shouldn't the "debug" target cause it to include debug.txt as
a dependency as well as fred.txt? The above small test does not seem to back
this up.

Any assistance is welcome.

Tehn Yit Chin

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