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How to use $(call ...)

From: Andrew Hou
Subject: How to use $(call ...)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 08:43:15 +0800


I have gmake ver 3.77 installed. The OS is SunOS.
After reading the gmake manual, I tried the following:

#!/tools/bin/gmake -f
SHELL = /usr/bin/csh
estr = Hello $(1) OK
tstr = $(call estr,world)
        @echo $(tstr)

First, the 1st line seems not work. Although the file is executable, you
hve to use gmake -f ...
Second, the file come out nothing. It seems $(call ) can't be recognized.
Does ver 3.77 support the function or something wrong with my code?


Andrew Hou

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