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Re: Need to get $MAKEFLAGS value only

From: gk
Subject: Re: Need to get $MAKEFLAGS value only
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 10:55:44 -0800

At 03:09 PM 12/12/2002 +0000, you wrote:
Greg, regarding the following, you might be interested (it is
tangential) in the article I posted back in Sept (follows).

Yes. I thought MAKEFLAGS format a bit odd too.
But it is in POSIX compliance I think: bunching options together is ok.

I have written a wrapper, 'xmake' that passes through all Gnu make options and adds a couple options of its own. I have makefile variables $(XMAKE) and $(XMAKEFLAGS) that behaves like $(MAKE) and $(MAKEFLAGS): $(XMAKE) calls xmake, passing along $MAKEFAGS and $XMAKEFLAGS.

My initial problem in trying to access MAKEFLAGS from the invoking shell environment was solved by doing everything in the makefile environment instead.

- Greg Keraunen

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