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Re: regarding make-3.79.1 tests

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: regarding make-3.79.1 tests
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 23:55:45 -0500

%% param ahlawat <address@hidden> writes:

  pa> I am new to "gmake" so i needed this little
  pa> information.
  pa> I am using gmake -3.79.1 version on an NEC SX machine.
  pa> While running the test cases using "make check", the
  pa> behaviour is quite strange.
  pa> Sometimes all the cases pass successfully and
  pa> sometimes they do not  and i am getting 5 "Failed"
  pa> tests such as in
  pa> etc"
  pa> I just wanted to enquire wether these cases are
  pa> related to system load in any case ???
  pa> ie whenever the system load is high , some of them
  pa> fail and at other time they are all passing
  pa> successfully.

I don't believe they are related to system load.  You should examine the
differences (look in the test/work subdirectory for the log, base, and
diff files) to see what the error is.

  pa> Also in case of SX system there is no "uptime" command
  pa> and there is also an error for the "getloadavg"
  pa> test as that test doesn't run on SX and it gives
  pa> "Error getting load average".

If you don't have getloadavg support, you will not be able to use the -l
option to GNU make.  Other than that, everything should work normally.

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