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Make bug?!?

From: Nathan Huizinga
Subject: Make bug?!?
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 11:18:23 +0200

Hi all,

I'm experiencing some strange behaviour from GNU make version 3.80.
running on a Gentoo/Linux machine with tcsh as my default shell.

When running "make", everything build just fine.
But when running "make clean", it spits out the following message:

`cat -s GNUmakefile Makefile makefile |& sed -n -e "/No such file/d" -e "/^[^ #].*:/s/:.*//p"`: No match.

and stops building the given target.

When running the same two commands in a bash shell, it works as expected.

I also discovered that "gmake" is a symbolic link to "make" and gives me the
correct behaviour when I run "gmake clean" in my tcsh shell.

So my question is: "What's the difference between 'make' and 'gmake'?",
because "gmake" is 'only' a symbolic link to "make"?!?

Another opservation is that this behaviour is NOT present in GNU make 3.79.1.

Nathan Huizinga.

PS: I'm not on the list, so please send me a reply by my e-mail address.

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