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Re: Help needed on implicit rule search/paths et al

From: Tristan Van Berkom
Subject: Re: Help needed on implicit rule search/paths et al
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 17:29:41 -0500

        Ahhh; I have to admit that this nic of the web
was hard to find.

> First, please always remember to include the version of GNU make you're
> using, and what operating system and version you're running it on.
> Please also try full debugging, not just basic (use -d) and see what if
> any other messages are printed between the "Must remake" and
> "Successfully remade" messages.
> Also, verify that the make variables $(mkobj) and $(mkdep) actually have
> some content and value; if they are empty then make will obviously not
> do anything with them.
> If none of that helps please try to reproduce the problem with a small,
> self-contained makefile and send it along so we can take a look.
> Are you using VPATH anywhere?  I notice a message about VPATH below;
> note that often people get confused about how VPATH actually works.

        Points all very well taken. I tried to make a long story short
but I'm lacking in the proper terminoligy to do so. In order to avoid 
anyone wasting any time on this; I will return with a more acurate 
and complete explanation tomorrow. I have a feeling that you're
right about my comprehension of vpath.

Many thanks for your immediate response,
        -Tristan Van Berkom

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