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Re: building templates

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: building templates
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 07:21:49 -0400

%% Martin Kleinschmidt <address@hidden> writes:

  mk> BUT: Replacing warning bey eval:

It's possible you're running into a bug in eval; there are a couple of
them in this initial release of eval.

  >> ZOBJS = zaaa.o zbbb.o
  >> $(patsubst %.o,%.f,$(ZOBJS)) : %.f : %.F
  >>            $(CC) -E -P $(ZWHICH) $< -o $@

  mk> I don't understand this.

Look up static pattern rules in the GNU make manual.

  mk> That's TWO ":" in one line?

Yes.  That's what makes it a static pattern rule.

  mk> And it lacks the prefix change from z* to x*

Oops, missed that.  Well, add that in; the pattern here can be the same
as in a regular pattern rule.

  mk> I tried to add the dependence:

  mk> $(foreach dummy, $(ZOBJS), $(dummy):  $(patsubst z%.o, x%.F, $(dummy)))

  mk> Result:

  mk> Makefile:96: *** multiple target patterns.  Stop.

  mk> wrapping a $(warning ) around it makes clear why:

  mk> Makefile:96:  zaaa.o:   xaaa.F  zbbb.o:   xbbb.F

  mk> Any ideas?

You'd have to use eval again here.

But my idea is still as above: use static pattern rules.

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