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Re: GNUmakefile

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: GNUmakefile
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 11:19:32 -0400

%% "Eng Se-Hsieng" <address@hidden> writes:

  es> I have an application which has the following files in its
  es> toplevel directory.

  es> GNUmakeconfig
  es> GNUmakefile
  es> GNUmakerules
  es> GNUmaketargets

  es> I issued 'make' and 'gmake' and tried targets all, depend 
  es> but I keep getting
  es> ***No targets. Stop.

  es> May I know how I should build my application in such a case?

We don't know.

GNU make will read only one of the above files: GNUmakefile.  It doesn't
read the rest of them (unless they are included from GNUmakefile).

Since we have no idea what any of those makefiles do, we can't help you.

 Paul D. Smith <address@hidden>          Find some GNU make tips at:            
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